Project Management & Technical Coordination

This work package takes care of the coordination of the project and overall administrative and financial management activities.


Integrated Communication Platform

The main objective of WP2 is to provide a communication platform that will be able to interconnect a growing number of devices (metering devices, sensors and smartphones) located either on-board or at the trackside with the ODM platform

WP3 Sensing/Monitoring Devices and Data Management Platform

This work package aims to build a functional system of real time monitoring in charge of gathering the data from sensors, and use the network infrastructure to send these data to a Data Management platform. This platform should be able to receive and process a huge amount of data coming from sensors both on board and on track. One of the main tasks of this WP will be to cloud-enable the rail infrastructure including the locomotive and energy-substation


Smart contracts for Railway Data Transactions

The aim of the WP4 is to provide to IN2DREAMS the smart contracts framework for Railway Data Transactions Exchange. The need for such framework is driven by the progressive liberalization of the railway sector, which is creating a complex ecosystem composed of several actors that need to manage a fragmented infrastructure. The usage of innovative decentralized technologies may enhance efficiency and reduce costs, therefore it is necessary to include them in the research. This WP includes definition, development and testing of a novel data transactions framework in a full self-executing logic for contracts, namely smart contracts, covering technical, business and regulatory aspects in a full integrated vision


Knowledge extraction from Railway Asset Data

The general objective of WP5 is to study, design and develop data analytics solutions for knowledge extraction from railway asset data. This objective will be achieved through the following tasks:
·  Definition of data analytics scenarios;
·  Development and demonstration of tools and methodologies aiming at extracting knowledge from data analytics algorithms, contemporarily making them interpretable in an easier way.


User Applications

The main objective of the platform is to assist infrastructure managers and railway operators to select optimal strategies and resources in order to support in a cost-effective and energy-efficient manner, a variety of railway applications addressing operational requirements and passengers’ requests. Addressing the Shift2Rail global targets for 100% Capacity Increase, 50% Reduction in LCC and 50% Increase in Reliability & Punctuality, IN2DREAMS will showcase the performance improvement that can be achieved in realistic railway environments through the development of a set of key applications (defined in WP2) with algorithms on the data gathered and stored in WP3

WP7 Dissemination, Exploitation and Cooperation with Shift2Rail

WP7 seeks to ensure proper dissemination and promotion of the project and its results, in a way which is consistent with the wider dissemination and promotion activities of Shift2Rail. It will ensure that the outputs of the project are delivered in a form which makes them immediately available for use by the Innovation Programme 3 within Shift2Rail. It will also ensure that all important actors in the European railway sector are informed about IN2DREAMS, its objectives, content and results. A further objective is to facilitate acceptance of the project outcomes by the standards and regulatory bodies, as well as by the main actors of the EU rail sector.


This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No: 777596

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